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About company

Dimini Inc. - IT company from Russia, founded in 2009. Company specializing in software and web development, design, statistics and data analysis.


2009: foundation of the company
2011: official website launch, release of "Snake", "Balls"
2012: official blog launch, beginning of analitic activity, release of Dimini Search
2013: site redesign, massive comparison of web browsers
2015: launch of beta version of new site design
2016: launch of new site design, release of "Battleship"
2017: release of "Game of Life", launch of site 3.0, start of publications of Hearthstone cards rating
2018: 2nd comparison of mobile phones, hosting change
2020: release of browser extension "Unchained"

Our team

Yaskovich D. Photo

Yaskovich Dmitry

CEO, Lead developer, Lead designer, QA lead, Lead translator, Lead SMM specialist, Lead SEO specialist, Lead copywriter, HR Lead, Support Lead, Lead lawyer, Lead composer

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Evstigneev E. Photo

Evstigneev Evgeny

Developer, QA specialist, Translator, SMM specialist

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Ippolitov I. Photo

Ippolitov Ivan

Developer, QA specialist, SMM specialist

Korpachev S. Photo

Korpachev Sergey


Petrovicheva S. Photo

Petrovicheva Svetlana


Kazennov A. Photo

Kazennov Alexandr


Segen N. Photo

Segen Nikolai

Translator, Copywriter, HR specialist, Lawyer, Support specialist

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Verstunin N. Photo

Verstunin Nikita


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Address: Moscow, Russia
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