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You need to rebuild line to include more lamps in it using limited rotations. When you create loop with power source and lamps you get additional rotations if this loop contains more lamps than previous loops.

  • Arrow keys/mouse movement - select tile to rotate
  • Space/Left mouse button - rotate tile



  • Version (October 7, 2020) (show less)
    • Fix errors on the borders of the game field
    • Fix typo
  • Version 0.0.2 (October 7, 2020) (show more)
    • Fix for missing score background on the web version
    • Fix for unstatic Restart button position
    • Fix for the Restart button not missing focus after clicking
    • Fix for multiple target icons after restart
    • Fix for tiles generation problems on the restart
    • Fix wrong algorithm of remained actions calculation
    • Fix icon for the Windows version
  • Version (October 5, 2020) (show more)
    • initial release (Ludum Dare 47)

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Languages: English


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